THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT: First Images From Tarik Saleh's Egyptian True Crime Thriller

Swedish-Egyptian director Tarik Saleh follows up his crime thriller Tommy with The Nile Hilton Incident, a Cairo set thriller starring Fares Fares - best known these days for his role in the hugely successful Department Q series of Danish crime thrillers - as a corrupt police officer who stumbles into a far reaching conspiracy of silence while investigating the murder of a young woman.

Recently divorced and easily corrupt police Commissioner Ahmed Noredin (Fares Fares) is assigned to solve the murder of a famous singer – murdered in a hotel room at The Nile Hilton in Cairo.

Noredin soon discovers that the murdered singer had a secret relationship with the hotel’s owner, Shafig, a wealthy building contractor, who is best friends with President Mubarak’s son. When it turns out, the case follows the trail into the wealthy and political power elite, the case is closed assolved“, but Noredin is keen to solve the case and now puts his life at stake to solve the murder.

Saleh, as a filmmaker with both an inside and outside perspective on Egypt, is in a fairly unique position to tackle this sort of material and with Tommy proved that he is more than capable of crafting a tight edged thriller so expectations here are very high. And with the film now in post production a pair of images have turned up online. Check them out below and remember you can click to enlarge.

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