Mondo/Death Waltz Tackle Three More Shore-Cronenberg Scores

While David Cronenberg’s contributions to cinema have not been understated, the focus has, historically, been paid towards the director’s unique visual and metaphorical blend of sex and violence.

He has contributed an immense amount to the body horror subgenre — in many ways, so much so that his name has become synonymous with it —  but his work has transcended ‘genre’ films circles, achieving a sense of unified acclaim throughout nearly all annals of cinema appreciation. One aspect, however, that often is overlooked when his work is being discussed is the music. Along with his long-time collaborator Howard Shore, the soundtracks of David Cronenberg’s films have featured an equally measured, impressive blend of raw emotion than that of the visuals. 

As part of an ongoing effort to collect and re-issue these works, Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Company struck a deal with Howe Records (Howard Shore’s company) to release a number of Cronenberg-Shore records, remastered and featuring stunning new artwork and packaging design by the ever-reliable roster of artists in Mondo’s stable. Launching with the LP release of Scanners/The Brood, Mondo and Death Waltz went back to Shore to release three of the composer’s other collaborations with Cronenberg and among some of the Shore’s best work: Naked Lunch, Crash, and Dead Ringers. 

Launching Death Waltz Recording Co. in 2011, Spencer Hickman can — if not completely — largely be credited for launching the vinyl soundtrack revival movement that has, in the last few years, ramped up at an incredible speed. Where there used to be only a handful of releases available in any given month, it would seem like there are, now, hundreds of announcements dropping per week.

With the Cronenberg records as well as the long-awaited score for Twin Peaks freshly pressed and a few more heavy hitters on the horizon, Screen Anarchy caught up with Hickman to talk about the history of the label, how the merger with Mondo has effected work, and what we can look out for in the future.

Click through the gallery below to read our interview with Spencer Hickman and more about the releases.

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