Two Minutes Of Madness In The Full THE KILLER ROBOTS! CRASH AND BURN! Trailer

Full marks to Florida based scifi themed musical act The Killer Robots. They've obviously gone above and beyond to create an absolutely gonzo visual aesthetic around themselves and their music and they're splashing it all over the big screen with their upcoming feature film The Killer Robots! Crash And Burn!

Fans of Manborg and like minded retro-kitsch take note here because this is a cinematic oddity of the highest order, one steeped in video games, 1950s scifi, drive in movie pulp and the sheer wonder of being a child and realizing that if you paint this box (and yourself) silver then hey! Presto! You're a robot! And robots are awesome!

We shared an earlier teaser for this a little while back but the full trailer has now arrived and it's a whole new level of crazy. Check it out below.
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