THE PASSENGER (La pasajera): Level K Hitches a Ride For Sales Rights

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THE PASSENGER (La pasajera): Level K Hitches a Ride For Sales Rights
The Passenger” follows a group of strangers on a road trip who get abruptly interrupted when their van accidentally hits a female hiker in the middle of the night. They decide to take her to the hospital but soon understand that they only have to comply with a clear rule: not to sit next to her.
Variety has reported that Fernando Gonzalez and Raul Cerezo's ride share horror flick The Passenger has been acquired by Level K who will handle the international sales of the Spanish flick. The Passenger will have its world premiere at Sitges soon and we think its going to create a bit of buzz when it screens. Well, we don't just think, we know it will create a bit of buzz when it screens. Wink wink. 
Gonzalez and Cerezo said the “film’s narrative microcosmos is a shared car: a place where friends and enemies have no alternative but to co-exist on a long journey. We wanted to play with the language of cinema and suspense and make a film where something as small as a van leads to something much bigger,” said the pair, who added that they strived to create a suspenseful and suffocating atmosphere and an “adventure experienced by characters who do not know each other and who will learn to love each other when united by an unsustainable situation.”
Here's the trailer once again. 
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