SKINWALKER: THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU Exclusive Clip: The Hitchhiker in White

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SKINWALKER: THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU Exclusive Clip: The Hitchhiker in White
Do real werewolves exist? In the American south legends tell of encounters with a creature that stalks the swamps and bayous. A creature who was here long before the immigrants who settled the region. An ancient evil called the Rougarou. Legends tell of a cannibal tribe of shapeshifters who retreated deep into the forests where they slowly lost touch with their humanity. A tribe who went on to become something far darker; a skinwalker. Now, nearly 400 years since the legend of the Rougarou first began to circulate, people are encountering the creature once again. The truth behind these vicious, horrifying brushes with the unknown will make your blood run cold. Does the Rougarou still stalk the swamps of southern Louisiana? The truth may surprise you...
What did your mom tell you about picking up hitchhikers? 
Small Town Monsters and director Seth Breedlove take a look at the Rougarou, or, Cajun Werewolf in their latest documentary Skinwalker: The Howl of the Rougarou. It will be available on September 14th on a number of platforms from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW. As well, you will find it on Blu and DVD. 
We have an exclusive clip to share with you today. It's short but, golly, it's a really well staged minute of recreation that's genuinely creepy. Check it out for yourself and see it does the same for you. 
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