CUENTOS PARA VIERNES POR LA NOCHE / TALES FOR A FRIDAY NIGHT: New Argentine Anthology Series Coming to Amazon Prime LatAM

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CUENTOS PARA VIERNES POR LA NOCHE / TALES FOR A FRIDAY NIGHT: New Argentine Anthology Series Coming to Amazon Prime LatAM
A new horror and fantasy anthology series Tales for Friday Night (Cuentos para viernes por la noche) is coming to Amazon Prime in all LatAm territories on July 30th. 
Written and directed by Argentine filmmaker Pablo Vergara, his new series pivots on two central characters, Mariela y Juan, who will go through a relationship cycle throughout all the episodes. The rest of the cast will all be the same actors but acting out different characters as each episode dictates, perhaps bringing along a trait or two from a previous episode's character. 
"Tales for Friday Night" is a collection of short stories that carefully combine intrigue, fantasy and terror. In an atmosphere that pays tribute to classics such as "Tales from the Crypt" or "The Twilight Zone", each episode has a presenter who introduces us to one particular story. The stories which are told in each chapter are independent from each other, however they are performed by a stable cast of actors.
Vergara brought his project to our attenton through our mutal friends at Blood Window where his project won a development award. He sent along the trailer, the episode synopsis below and a collection of images for the gallery. 
EP 1 Remember me deadly
Mariela returns to the city to participate in a radio program where they will inquire about the night her boyfriend died in strange circumstances. A masked person breaks into the building to take revenge for that night.
EP 2 Bus to the past 
Mariela falls asleep while travelling on a bus. When she wakes up, she seems to have travelled back in time to the year 1971. She accidentally ends up inside a house where a kidnapped girl is being held captive.
EP 3 - 4 (Double Chapter) Predictions in a used jacket
Juan buys a used jacket. When he checks the pockets, he finds Mariela's personal diary where she states that she plans to commit suicide on her birthday. Mariela recognizes her handwriting, but says that it was not her who wrote that note. However, someone is willing to fulfill the prediction.
EP 5 Monsters on Christmas Eve
Mariela works at a plant nursery. She stays there until late at night to meet Juan, her lover. Suddenly, cries for help coming from the warehouse begin to be heard. Judging from the damage which has been caused, something non-human is wandering the place.
EP 6 y 7  (Double Chapter) The last session
Juan and his sister inherit a house without knowing that a cursed piece of furniture is inside. Only through a séance will they be able to get rid of the dangers that are hidden there.
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