CENSOR: UK-Ireland Can Expect a Cinema Release This Year!

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CENSOR: UK-Ireland Can Expect a Cinema Release This Year!
Yes, this is the beginning of the end. If you have your shit together like the UK and Ireland have as far as getting out of the ass end of the pandemic sooner than later then you get to do fun things like, oh I don't know, go back to the cinema! 
Vertigo Releasing sees the light at the end of the tunnel as well. Screen Daily shared this morning that they've acquired UK and Ireland rights for Prano Bailey-Bond’s video nasties horror flick Censor and are going to plug it into cinema chains as soon as they are open! The projected date for reopening is July 2nd. 
Vertigo Releasing has acquired UK and Ireland rights to Prano Bailey-Bond’s Censor from Protagonist Pictures and is planning a theatrical release when cinemas reopen.
Set in 1985, the story centres on film censor Enid (Algar), who discovers an eerie horror that speaks directly to her sister’s mysterious disappearance. She resolves to unravel the puzzle behind the film and its enigmatic director – a journey that blurs the lines between fiction and reality.
Our own Eric caught Censor when it had its world premiere at Sundance this year. You will find his full review here, but here are some choice selections from it...
Censor, the debut feature by British filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond, joins the long tradition of cinema about cinema, this time from a very particular point of view: that of the censors...
Like other similar contemporary films – Knife + Heart, to name one – Censor draws on the genre cinema that it's referencing, specifically the giallo style. Dream sequences and saturated colors represent Enid's mind and her downward spiral on screen. Censor intersperses reality with the oneiric, bordering on the nightmarish, playing with the link between the real and the fictitious... 
Reality and fiction, even though they have an undeniable connection, are not the same. Censor remarks on it on several occasions, similar to the Canadian 1980 film Deadline.
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