Frontières 2021: Changes to The Annual Program And The Market in August

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Frontières 2021: Changes to The Annual Program And The Market in August
With travel restrictions still in place for gods know how long and major cities in Canada cancelling events until this Summer this is still an air of uncertainty as to when gathering en masse can resume. Like all of us, chomping at the bit to get out and go somewhere, anywhere, the folks at Frontières in Montreal have been watching the health trends and perhaps have resigned to hold another virtual co-production market this coming August. 
Screen Daily broke the news this morning in an article, outlining the changes coming to this year's edition. Whether these are permanent changes or ones made to adapt to the present conditions we do not know. For now though here is what we know will happen this year at Frontières in Montreal. 
First, this year Frontières is going to take place during the week, from Tuesday, August 3rd, to Friday, August 6th. The hell you say? During the week? Yeah, but think about it. If this format holds then after the closing night blowout we have two whole days to detox and resume our regular lives on Monday like normal people. In previous years we've had our brewhaha on a Sunday night, then staggered off to the train station or airport the following morning. Imagine the joy of having 48 whole hours to get back on your feet before Monday!
Second, the pitches for this year's market will be available for viewing 48 hours before the market officially begins, instead of the first day of the market. This will undoubtedly open up more time for projects to meet with potential production partners over four days instead of waiting until the second day when everyone's had a chance to go through all the pitch videos. Also, if anyone pays attention to anything I or other Anarchists report on while we cover the Montreal event maybe we'll draw attention to projects that might have been glossed over. I mean, yeah, that's wishful thinking.
Third, last summer's event was invite only, probably keeping the numbers under control as new digital platforms were tested in the new virtual landscape. The main market will open up to more attendees this year.  
In prior years Frontières has been three events: the Financing & Packaging Forum, the main Market and Cannes Platform. This year the Forum will be folded into the Montreal event. Eight projects with at least %20 percent of their financing in place will be able to meet with potential production partners during the main event in Montreal. The Cannes Platform remains unchanged. 
Where there may be loss there is also growth and further development opportunities for genre filmmakers here in Canada and around the World. The first update to the program is the news of Frontières' colloboration with Women In Film + Television Vancouver. 
The market’s collaboration with Women In Film + Television Vancouver has been rebranded From Our Dark Side as a Canadian genre incubator for female-driven stories. Instead of pitching to a panel of professionals who provide feedback, filmmakers involved in five selected projects will pitch to the industry and set up meetings on a bespoke platform.
And finally, a very quick note about a new partnership with another co-production program over at Sitges. That one has been a tough nut to crack from our end so anything that could give us an inside line into covering that program as well would be appreciated. 
A new partnership with Sitges Pitchbox will see an exchange of one pitching project from each market.
So. See you from the comfort of our own homes in August? 
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