Now Streaming: AUDIO GUIDE, Free To Watch Until March 10th

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Now Streaming: AUDIO GUIDE, Free To Watch Until March 10th
Australian director Chris Elena's short Audio Guide may only be 14 minutes long, but rest assured it will stick with you for a lot longer than that. Its premise, as with many good things, is a simple one: a young woman walks in an art gallery wearing an audio guide. Whenever she points the scanner at a painting, she hears its back-story on her headphones. By accident she discovers that the scanner reacts to more than just paintings... and starts telling her the damnedest things.

To say more would be spoiling things, but do check out what has been done with this concept. While the pace is kept deliberately slow, Chris Elena manages to cram a lot of fun ideas in it. And a special mention must be made of the absolutely stellar acting by actress Emma Wright, who needs to sell most of the short just by her facial expressions, showing the effects of what the voice is telling her.

And the good news is: for the next two weeks, you can actually check it out, for free, through the video-link to YouTube below. The first few minutes are an intro by Chris, so for the impatient, the actual short starts at 3:40.
I will definitely be keeping eyes on both Chris Elena and Emma Wright, as judging by this short we can all expect a lot of good coming from the both of them.

(And I need to give a special thanks to Theodoor Steen for alerting me...)

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