The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies: Enroll Now for Spring 2021

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The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies: Enroll Now for Spring 2021

I absolutely love the fact that The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies exists and that it is now announcing its plans for Spring 2021.

Cheap jokes by know-nothings about the relative intellectual capacity of horror fans aside, my own personal experience is that people who are steadfast viewers of horror films tend to be very deeply involved with what they are watching or reading. The surface visceral thrills pass very quickly upon multiple viewings of such fare, but there is something more profound afoot that certain individuals choose to engage with on a cultural level and from a distinctly personal perspective.

All that being said, we here at ScreenAnarchy are very proud that our own Dr. Shelagh Rowan-Legg will begin serving as Executive Director as of January 2021. She is one of our editors, a longtime writer, festival programmer, and filmmaker. She will also serve as one of the instructors for the Spring 2021 semester of lectures.

Here are a few of the more pertinent highlights from the official statement: "Lectures for all our branches will be online for this semester. ... The world's longest-running educational organization devoted to the study of horror history, theory and production, is pleased to announce 15 new classes, led by critics, academics, and writers, with ideas that will delight, inspire, and expand our knowledge and understanding of horror in art and culture."

Miskatonic is located in London, New York, and Los Angeles. One important note: "The Institute will once again be offering a Global Pass for US$90, which offers a discount to attend all 15 Miskatonic classes in the Spring 2021 semester, as well as the City Branch Pass (£30 for London, US$40 each for New York and Los Angeles), and individual tickets to each class (£8 for London, US$10 each for New York and Los Angeles). Please note that all classes will take place in the time zone of their Branch affiliation; be sure you can attend before booking (and watch out for daylight saving time changes!), as all sales are final."

More information is available at the official site, which has details on all that will be available. Selfishly (and proudly), we call attention to the class that will be instructed by our own Dr. Shelagh: "THE HOLLOW THE IMAGE LEAVES EMPTY: ALTERITY, ABJECTION, AND THE THING." Yes, it involves The Thing "and texts such as Planet of the Vampires and It, this class will examine the horror where alterity and abjection meet."

Go, read, book, and learn!

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