Fantaspoa at Home Launches Short Film Contest. Stay Home, Make a Movie, Win Stuff

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Fantaspoa at Home Launches Short Film Contest. Stay Home, Make a Movie, Win Stuff
Most of us are cooped up at home right now, weathering out the storm of this current epidemic. If you're doing it properly you have found yourself with a seeminly insurmountable amount of free time on your hands. What to do with all that free time? How about taking a chance at winning some production services? 
Fantaspoa announced this weekend that they will hosting an online contest for short films of the fantastic genre with topics and themes related to the current epidemic. 
You will have a chance to win consulting from directors like Andy Muschietti (It), a poster designed by Elizabeth Shuch (Book of Birdie), a theme-song by Argentinian composer German Suane (Bring Me the Head of Antonio Mayans), and a DCP from Black Lagoon.  
Then there is what I think is incredibly valuable to have, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles by Fantaspoa and Macabro Film Festival. This opens the possibility for your film up to play anywhere, any festival in Ibero-America and over in Portugal and Spain. Believe me, in the years that I have ramped up my coverage of the LatAm region I'm still discovering festivals every year. 
For inspiration I have included Mike Mendez's short film "There Can Be Only One", which he made while under quarantine in Los Angeles. 
Stay home. Make a movie. Win stuff. 
Just after launching its own free movie streaming platform (, Fantaspoa Film Festival announces the Fantaspoa at Home Online Contest. Being aware of the importance of quarantine to contain the spread of COVID19, the festival aims to encourage film production at home during these difficult times. 
Submissions should be short films that belong to the fantastic genre and touch upon topics or themes related to the current pandemic. The contest will accept animation, horror, thriller, science-fiction, fantasy, documentary, performance, or experimental. The film must be made between April, 4th and April, 18th and shot in the filmmaker’s home, respecting the need for quarantine and social distancing.
The Fantaspoa Programmers will select the best short films and make them available online for audience voting.
The audience will then chose the contest winner, who will receive film-related services worth over US$10.000,00 - kindly offered by industry professionals concerned with the festival’s future. Some of the prizes are amazing consultancies for a future project of the winning filmmaker, offered by names such as Andy Muschietti (“It”, “It - Chapter 2”), Pedro Rivero (“The Platform”, “Birdboy: The Forgotten Children”) and Rodrigo Teixeira (“Call me By Your Name”, “The Witch”). The winner will also receive a poster design (made by British artist Elizabeth Schuch), a theme-song (by Argentinian composer German Suane), a DCP (made by Black Lagoon), and Portuguese and Spanish subtitles (by Fantaspoa and Macabro Film Festival) for their next film.
The deadline for submissions to the Fantaspoa at Home Online Contest is April 18th at 11:59 pm PST. Please submit at The entry fee is US$10 for international short films. All proceeds - excluding the Filmfreeway service fee - will go towards the Fantaspoa Crowdfunding campaign, taking place at until April 28th.
If, by any chance, you would like to contribute to the festival, any contribution is welcome to help Fantaspoa’s existence after 2020, since due to executive decisions made by the Brazilian government prior to this unprecedented health crisis, Fantaspoa and countless other organizations dedicated to the arts were stripped of all federal (and private) sponsorship money.
The Fantaspoa staff sends their unending thanks to their friends and supporters around the world for all they've done these past fifteen years, and implores you and your loved ones to stay inside, wash your hands, and - if you are physically able to - put the health and well-being of the elderly and immuno-compromised before your own. We are all in this together.
Fantaspoa Staff
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