Frontières@Fantasia 2019: Five Standouts From Official Selection Pitch Session

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The Fantasia organized Frontières Market is the premiere event for filmmakers looking to take the next step in making their ideas into reality. For years Frontières has helped connect creative talent with the resources needed to translate great concepts into actual films. By putting writers, directors, and producers in the room with sales agents, distributors, packaging specialists, and festival programmers, these professionals are able to network and find ways to address the needs of each individual production.

This 2019 edition recently closed with another successful several successful rounds of project pitches, lectures, mentoring sessions, and informative panels sure to give an insight to the complex world of film production to not only the new kids on the block, but also veterans keeping up with the latest trends in genre film production and distribution.

Frontières 2019 presented three separate pitch sessions, the Official Selection, Created By Women, and Shorts to Features. We attended the Official Selection pitches, a group of twenty highly curated projects selected by Frontières organizers and wanted to share five of the most exciting and/or interesting sounding concepts brought by the various teams from around the world. 

The fact that these are unproduced film projects means that nothing is set in stone at this point, and there's a very good possibility that many of these films might not find the resources they need. That means that these projects are in dire need of the kind of assistance that film markets like Frontières can provide. Here are projects that stood out to us.

Disruptive Servant

I am always ready for a film that does something I haven't seen before, and with Disruptive Servant we get a rare view into Islamic mysticism and demonology that intrigues me. Written and to be directed by Amal Al-Groobi, the film involves a Swedish family transplanted to Oman whose eldest teenage daughter's rebellion leads to the unleashing of a spirit within her determined to cause chaos.

Amal Al-Groobi has made several short films, but Disruptive Servant would be her first feature. I'm not familiar with many Arab women directors, and I'm sure that among that list, the number of filmmakers working in the genre space is even shorter, which intrigues me greatly about this peace. A film about a girl coming of age in a land that is not her own and confronting unfamiliar demons sounds fascinating. 

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