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Eryc Trammon's Political Satire LONERS Opens in Theaters

Sebastian Zavala Kahn
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Eryc Trammon's Political Satire LONERS Opens in Theaters

Loners Productions and Indie Rights have announced the theatrical debut and Digital HD rollout of Eryc Trammon's satirical comedy Loners. Following its beginnings as a stage production by Neil McGowan, Loners was developed into a feature film by producer/star Tyson Turrou as a comedic take on the current political climate in the United States, and the government's inability to actually address the violence in the news. The film asks for answers to two of life's greatest questions: How to avoid the government, and how to make friends. 

Loners will premiere in Los Angeles at the Ahrya Fine Arts by Laemmle on May 30, followed by a weeklong run at the Laemmle Music Hall beginning May 31. The film will premiere on Cable and Digital VOD in the coming weeks.




The movie stars Khary Payton ("The Walking Dead"), Stephen Tobolowsky (Spaceballs, "Silicon Valley"), Brian Letscher, Melissa Paladino, Tyson Turrou, David Christian Welborn, Brenda Davidson, Michael Monks, Madeleine Woolner, Neil McGowan, Keith Stevenson, Will Greenberg (TBS' "Wrecked"), and Rob Kerkovich ("NCIS: New Orleans”).


On stepping into the director's chair, Trammon said, "Loners presented a unique opportunity to engage an audience with humor while exploring a topical conundrum: In a world so socially connected, is there a connection between those who choose not to connect and those disconnected from reality? And of those disconnected, are they really connected to potential violence? Loners makes that connection in a world where President Camacho would be proud." 




In this potentially interesting satire set in the very near future, an ensemble of eccentric loners is forced to endure a government-mandated group therapy class called “Lone-Anon", as part of the "War on Loneliness," a misguided initiative to stem the growing tide of American violence.  Led by an ineffectual therapist whose exercises become increasingly comical, the loners are thrust into a government conspiracy to justify its failing program.  


Now, in order to avoid being the latest introverts abducted by mysterious operatives, the group will have to do what terrifies them the most:  stand up for their right to be alone, together.




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