Cannes 2019: Blood Window Showcase, Highlighting Up And Coming Ibero-American Genre Flicks

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With the start of Cannes comes an invasion of freaks and geeks to balance out all the posh glamour and glitz. My friends at Blood Window are preparing to help that cause with their Blood Window Showcase which starts tomorrow. 
Over the course of the weekend they will host three market screenings of already completed films looking for sales and distribution around the World. They are I am Toxic and Impossible Crimes from Argentina and The Devil Told Me What To Do from Mexico. 
All three films are endorsed by other leading genre film festivals from around the World. Fright Fest is endorsing Impossible Crimes according to the press release but details kind of drop off after that. I know Morbido is endorsing The Devil Told Me What To Do so that leaves Sitges to endorse I am Toxic. Of these three films I did manage to catch I am Toxic at last year's Blood Window market, but scheduling conflicts prohibited me from catching the market screenings of the other two films. I will say that I do admire I am Toxic and the efforts to pay homage the old post apocalyptic wasteland genre.
There will also be a Work in Progress block to screen select cuts from a number of film currently in production. 
These are all films that stand some chance of being included in an international genre film festival somewhere in the World. These are not simply speculative projects. People are working on them right now and want to share them with you. Blood Window is helping get these projects connected with the people who can make that happen.
We have created a gallery of all participating projects below, complete with synopses and cast lists. Have a look below.  
Blood Window lands at the Marché du Film Cannes with Blood Window Showcase. From May 17th to 20th the Olympia theater will feature three screenings endorsed by genre film festivals representatives of  EFFFF (European Fantastic Film Festival Federation). This year Fright Fest (UK), Morbido Fest (Mexico) and Sitges, Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.
In addition, the program includes Upcoming Fantastic Films, a selection of Ibero-American work in progress currently in production and in the post-production stage. The screening will be addressed to buyers, sales agents and representatives of international festivals.
Blood Window is a platform for events related to the marketing and promotion of audiovisual contents from Ibero-American fantastic genre films. Is aimed to identify and highlight the emerging annual film production of horror, science fiction, action, suspense and others related to the fantastic genre in the region.

Friday, May 17th 4:00 pm Sala Olympia 4 Soy tóxico / I Am Toxic Director Pablo Parés Género Horror/80´/Argentina Cast: Esteban Prol, Horacio Fontova, Sergio Podeley, Gaston Cocchiarale, Fini Boccino and Veronica Intile.

In a pile of dead bodies, someone wakes up. Who is he? How did he end up there? Amnesia is the first stage of an infection that turns humans into dried beings. Hunger led them to eat corpses from the bacteriological war of the North, thrown from the sky to the South of the American continent. Dog, the name given to him by a group of three wild men and a young girl, begins an insane race to survive.

Production Company DEL TORO FILMS

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