CAM And TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID Highlight Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2019 Lineup

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At the end of the month in Berlin, Germany our friends at the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival will be hosting their fourth edition. Over the weekend the festival will host seven feature films screenings including hits like CAM, Tigers Are Not Afraid and Hounds of Love.
There are also eight short film programs where you will see that our own Izzy Lee's Tainted Love is the very first film mentioned in that list, huzzah!
Apart from that there will also be a number of talks ranging in topics on demonic possession, gender, slasher tropes and reproduction. There will also be a workshop on self defence which is pretty awesome. 
All feature films and short film programs are presented in the gallery below. Descriptions of the festival and the talks follow.
The 4th edition of Final Girls Berlin Film Festival will take place in Berlin, Germany from January 31st to February 3rd 2019. FGBFF showcases horror films that were directed, written, and/or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers from across the globe. This year the program consists of seven feature films, eight curated short blocks. This edition’s shorts will also highlight Vera Miao’s ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’. Inspired by the viral fan fiction of two sentence horror stories, the anthology series features disturbing updated tales of horror and haunting for the digital age. In addition to the visual smorgasbord, FGBFF v4.0 will be presenting four filmmaker panels that will be dissecting some of horror’s more nuanced topics ranging from intersectionality in slasher flicks to an analysis of gender and body horror. To round out this year’s offering the fest will also host a Pretty Deadly self-defense workshop.
Festival Co-Director Elinor Lewy says “We’ve got a jam-packed and highly international program which expands and challenges definitions of the horror genre” and fellow director Sara Neidorf adds "Final Girls is bringing you a whole different spin on the genre-- exploring different fears and fantasies, with more diversity behind and in front of the camera, and a critical gaze on the structures and systems plaguing society."
The cyber thriller viral hit, ‘CAM’;
The nightmarishly brutal ‘Hounds of Love’;
The award-winning Mexican ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’;
The traumatic alter-ego trip ‘Felt’;
The unsettling identity crisis thriller ‘Nancy’,
The queer werewolf coming-of-age story ‘Good Manners
The retrospective gem 'Messiah of Evil
And eight short film programs! 
Talks and Workshops
Hysteria and Demonic Possession: A Psychoanalytic Investigation
Mary Wild leads a talk that focuses on cinematic representations of demonic possession as a manifestation of unresolved unconscious conflict. Iconic depictions of possession are startlingly similar to fits of hysteria, where language no longer functions normally. Words, memories, experiences and impulses become ‘trapped’ in the interior psychic space, forced under house-arrest in the hysteric’s body, and manifesting in chilling ways. 
About the instructor: Mary Wild is the creator of the PROJECTIONS lecture series at Freud Museum London, applying psychoanalysis to film interpretation.  
Burn it to the ground: Looking back at the problem of intersectionality in 80s slasher films and the way forward & Gender and Body Horror: A New Paradigm of Terror
'Burn it to the ground' begins with an intersectional analysis of three slasher films from the 80s - an era of horror frequently critiqued for its marked lack of nuanced characters and, more pertinently, presenting a cookie-cutter version of American society that is markedly lacking in diversity. Lang compares with modern horror films that seek to create a more fulsome depiction of intersectional characters: Tragedy Girls, Boo!, May, People Under the Stairs and others, to examine a spectrum of bodily representation.
For her second talk at FGBFF Lang will look at the way women and trans bodies have been used in horror films as sites of terror and metaphors for the monstrosities of psychological/sexual trauma in film taking examples from Teeth, Rabid, In My Skin, Raw, Thanatomorphose, Contracted and others. Lang will also examine and discuss how horror films deal with gender dysphoria and trans characters in a variety of films like Psycho and Silence of the Lambs, and the early works of David Cronenberg.
About the instructor: Alison Lang is a writer and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. She writes about music, horror movies, DIY culture and other weird things.  
Feminist Takes on Technology and Reproductive Horror
A graphically illustrated tour through the mutant offspring, weaponized tools and evolutionary agendas of feminist reproductive horror films that explore brave new worlds of reproductive technologies. From the Alien series through Evolution and beyond, we'll look at the badass, broody bitches from post-pill cinema leading up to today.
About the instructor: Alanna Thain is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and World Cinemas at McGill University in Montreal. She is the author of Bodies in Time: Suspense, Affect, Cinema (U. of Minnesota Press 2017). She is also a member of the Montreal Monstrum Society.
What If She Fought Back? Pretty Deadly Self Defense Workshop 
Pretty Deadly Self Defense takes scenes from six of our favorite classic horror films and turns them around on the bad guy. Here's your chance to learn some self defense techniques to fight back against villainous favs Jack, Jason, Freddy, Candyman, and more!
Pretty Deadly Self Defense is a self-trust building, self-empowering, self-defense program based in Berlin. Find out more info on their website

2019 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival from Final Girls Berlin on Vimeo.

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