Exclusive THE WEIGHT OF SUCCESS Clip: Doctor Vs. Doctor

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Exclusive THE WEIGHT OF SUCCESS Clip: Doctor Vs. Doctor

Here is the U.S., the broadcast and cable networks have been especially filled with collegiate sporting contests of late, the kind where highly-paid coaches receive as much (or more) attention and credit than the (ostensibly amateur) players.

What about life itself, though? Is there any reason why you, dear reader, would pay money to someone else to be your "life coach"? I have trouble imagining such a thing, perhaps because I already receive plenty of free advice from people wanting me to straighten up and fly right.

But maybe that's just me. Watching a clip from The Weight of Success, I get the idea that many people are happy to fork over hard-earned money to other people who then "coach" them on how to do better in achieving their goals as they live their lives. And that doesn't sit well with everybody.

"This documentary tells the story of a life-coach, Dr. Angela Lauria, as she tries to prove to the world that life-coaching is a legitimate practice," says an official synopsis. "Through conversations with psychologists and other skeptics, this film leaves audiences to decide if costly and untrained life-coaches are helpful resources for people in need, or scam artists preying on those who need help the most."

It all sounds pretty suspect to me, but our exclusive clip gets quite fiery in a discussion between two doctors, and I like that, since it makes the documentary itself more intriguing. Watch the clip below.

The Weight of Success is an official selection for the 14th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival to be held on January 23-30, 2019 , in Lafayette, Louisiana. I'm hoping that other screening opportunities will arise in due course.

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