KILL RATIO: Watch a Shootout in a Bullet Proof Hallway in This Exclusive Clip

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KILL RATIO: Watch a Shootout in a Bullet Proof Hallway in This Exclusive Clip

With the release of Paul Tanter's action flick Kill Ratio looming over us it is time to share an exclusive clip with you from the flick.

In it, our hero, James Henderson, is engaged in a fierce fire fight with some militants while Tania gives a stirring speech during a live broadcast. Usually those kind of speeches usually take place in the third act so let us assume that Henderson has been killing lots of bad guys up to this point. 

Let's have some fun with this clip, shall we? I understand you have a budget and taking your cue from the RocketJump school of filmmaking (seriously no slight against those guys, they're awesome) you have used your after effects to digitally add muzzle flashes and shell casings ejecting from your assault rifles. I also understand that your location is booked on the promise that you don't break shit. But you could at least put a little more effort into making your surrounding look like dozens of rounds of hot lead have been zipping by, right? An assault rifle's cyclic rate of fire is what, a minimum of 600 rpms? That's ten rounds per second? Minimum. Henderson does three controlled bursts off the hop so he's poured thirty rounds down a five foot hallway and everything is fine? He ducks back as bullets zip by then he runs down that hallway to double glass doors. Intact double glass doors? 

Hey. Do you guys need a squib guy? Cause I'm your man! 

No. I think we will be okay.

You sure about that? I've read the script and lots of people are firing guns a whole lot in it.

I think we're good. 

Oh. Okay then. If you need me I'll be over here. Alone. With my squibs.

Then there are the hostage takers who have let one of the hostages keep their cell phone, you know, cause they have to keep in touch with the babysitter or something. Instead the hostages are watching the live broadcast and Tania's words are starting to stir the crowd. You see the two mercs in the back look at each other, now second guessing their act of kindness. Dang, We should have taken every phone. Now this crowd is going to rally against us. Silly us. 

Yes. I obsess about the silliest of things. We cannot wait to see to watch Kill Ratio this December.

Kill Ratio comes out in cinemas on December 9th and on VOD and iTunes on December 13th. 

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Kill Ratio
Edward CarneyNovember 15, 2016 12:30 PM

Tom Hopper is great in Black Sails. It's too bad his film roles all seem to be low budget crap so far. Also, it's too bad no one has managed to recapture the magic of Die Hard, despite repeated efforts. "One man versus an army"? Yippie kai-yay, mother f****r.

Ronald SwansonNovember 19, 2016 6:49 PM

Take your CGI gunfire and f*** off!