ACHOURA Arrives In First Poster For Moroccan Horror

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It's been some time since we last heard from Morocco based director Talal Selhami in these parts. Last time around the occasion was his debut feature, Mirages, a rare genre effort from the African nation and now he returns with his follow up Achoura.

Three friends who had lost contact meet again when one of their friends, who disappeared twenty five years ago, suddenly comes back into their lives. Together, they will have to confront the terrifying events of their youth and fight a monstrous creature born from a horrible legend.
I don't think I'm speaking out of turn here to say that I had the chance to see a bit of footage from the film at the Frontieres project market in Brussels and what I saw was remarkable. Production values were absolutely fantastic with Selhami tapping into a look and feel not entirely unlike The Devil's Backbone. And while the footage may not yet be ready to be shown in public we do have the film's first poster to share below.

Take a look and remember you can click to enlarge!
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