STAR WARS ROGUE ONE: Riz Ahmed (NIGHTCRAWLER) Frontrunner For Lead Role

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STAR WARS ROGUE ONE: Riz Ahmed (NIGHTCRAWLER) Frontrunner For Lead Role
Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler) is the frontrunner to land the lead male role in Gareth Edwards' Star Wars 'anthology film' Rogue One, according to Variety.  

It is possible that he would star opposite Felicity Jones (and the unconfirmed Ben Mendelsohn) in a band of rebels who attempt to steal the plans for the Death Star. 

Meanwhile, The Wrap is reporting that Sam Claflin (Snow White and the HuntsmanThe Hunger Games franchise) is also in talks to join the ensemble cast. 

Ahmed met with Edwards in London, England last month, per Variety. Apparently he stood out from the rest of the actors Edwards met with, the young actor's chemistry test with the director supposedly going very well. 

The first anthology film will be a departure from other Star Wars fare as there will be no Jedi in the film. The story takes place between Episodes III and IV, after the Jedi have been vanquished by the Empire. 

I think Badass Digest's Devin Faraci summed it up nicely when he broke the news, "Dirty Dozen and Magnificent Seven are the comparisons I'm hearing, and I'm hearing it's going to be a big cast where not everybody makes it to the other side. Those are unusual stakes for a Star Wars film!"
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ToryKApril 23, 2015 8:55 PM

Do it. Do it, now!

If anybody here has seen Four Lions or Nightcrawler, then you'll know why this would be an excellent choice. And I love left-field choices like this.

Todd BrownApril 24, 2015 5:01 PM

You know what I love about Star Wars right now? Somebody over there has clearly seen that they've got the clout to be color blind in their casting and are just picking people that are GOOD rather than people that are white / famous / marketable.

I'd like to think they're being altruistic about this even though I know it's probably largely a consequence of seeing multi-ethnic casting work for the F&F franchise, the massive toy sales for Mace Windu, and the fact that up and comers come a whole lot cheaper but, hell, I'll take it. A vision of the future that isn't uniformly white is more interesting to me and a big-ass franchise making these sorts of decisions is what it'll take for a young generation of non-white talent to have the opportunity to make names for themselves.

David DrakeApril 27, 2015 9:37 AM

rubber dinghy rapids