Watch The Orozco Brothers' Colombian SciFi Short SINGULAR

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Watch The Orozco Brothers' Colombian SciFi Short SINGULAR
Juan Felipe and Carlos Esteban Orozco are familiar names around these parts, the Colombian brother duo responsible for the dark thriller Saluda Al Diablo De Mi Parte a few years back. Blessed with a phenomenal visual style it's really just a question of when and where they break out internationally more than if.

Since Saluda they've been developing a number of projects and just freshly out in the public eye today is Singular, a science fiction short intended to set the stage for a proposed feature. And while it's not hard to see that they're using non-native English speakers in English speaking roles it's also not at all hard to see that their visual sense remains fully intact.

In an America where everyone has superpowers, Andy, the only kid who doesn't have one, struggles to escape a group of bullies led by Sofia, who just wants to make Andy's life more miserable than it already is. But what begins as an ordinary 'everyday' beating ends up spiraling out of control, putting our hero in a life-or-death situation where courage, leadership and sacrifice will guide Andy -- and Sofia -- to discover the true meaning of "being special."

Check it out below.

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RoboticPlagueNovember 5, 2014 2:56 AM

Whats was so impressive about this?

Dave BaxterNovember 8, 2014 1:59 AM

The fact that it's beautifully shot, for one.