Giveaway: WILD STYLE 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Sets

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Giveaway: WILD STYLE 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Sets
No history of hip-hop is complete without mention of Wild Style, which marks its 30th Anniversary via a two-disc deluxe DVD release from Music Box Films. The film combines break dancing, the tagging of Lee Quinones, and the musical exploits of Grandmaster Flash, Fab Five Freddy, Rock Steady Crew and the Cold Crush Brothers. 

Besides a complete remastering, the set is packed with extras, as well as a 48-page booklet written by director Charlie Ahearn. [Editor's note: the audio commentary by Ahearn and Fab Five Freddy is enlightening and essential.]

Because this film is so important, the challenge will be more difficult than usual.

Shoot me a short  (1-2 minute tops but no minimum length) hip hop vid explaining why you deserve a copy of this monumental movie. 

1. Keep it old style.

2. Extra points for break dancing

Winners announced one week from today. 

Winning videos will be posted. 

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