Has THE COSMONAUT Discovered The Future Of Film Making?

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Has THE COSMONAUT Discovered The Future Of Film Making?

Well, well. While the concept of community based film making has been circulating for a while - the guys behind Iron Sky are big proponents of the approach - upcoming Spanish production The Cosmonaut pushes the idea as far as I've ever seen it go. The core idea is simple: rather than piling all rights and responsibilities on one or two people, spread it out. While one person may not be able to finance a film on their own, if you get a big enough group together just a few bucks each can do it, plus you end up with a talent pool that can work collectively to accomplish things on a budget that big, formal productions could never match. But The Cosmonaut is pushing the concept even further ... they're doing they're entire film under a creative commons license, meaning that as it comes together ever aspect of the film - from raw footage to music to print materials etc - will be fully available to the public for manipulation, remix, re-edit, whatever. What will the results be? Only time will tell! But here's what the core group are planning to do:

A Tarkovski-esque film about how memories affect us, of mistakes and not-entirely forgotten love Set in Soviet Russia during the 70´s, it follows the misadventures of Stan Arsenievich (yes, pun completely intended), the first Russian astronaut to land on the Moon. During the mission, he is declared lost. The only one who won´t give up on the search will be Andrei, Stan´s best friend and director of the mission. Suddenly, they start to receive misterious radio transmissions from Stan: he claims to have returned to Earth and to have found it completely empty...

The list of supporters is already impressive, including a pair of actual retired Soviet cosmonauts among them. Take a look below the break for a video explaining the concept.

The Cosmonaut in 5 steps from Riot Cinema on Vimeo.

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brettlv5506May 28, 2009 11:59 PM

This sounds really really cool. Keep us up to date on this project please

agent666May 29, 2009 9:57 PM

jesus...in soviet russia, film makes YOU!