Trailer for CHE, both parts

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Trailer for CHE, both parts

Just in time for Christmas. A meaty trailer for Steven Soderbergh's sure-to-be-divisive 4 hour bio pic on Ernesto Che Guevara has popped up over at Yahoo. The previous trailers have been aimed at international markets and not included subtitles, but this one remedies the situation quite nicely with a handsome (if perhaps overly sweeping) musical accompaniment. People weary of the 'usual biopics' that come crawling out of the woodwork around holiday season to Oscar qualify will likely find Che to be a breath of fresh air. Split theatrically into two parts (like, of all films, Kill Bill) while perhaps best seen together in a single sitting, it is far from a show-stopper if they are seen separately; they are tonally different.

The marketing of the film is going to sell the man, the icon, and the revolutionary action, but the picture is a much more clinical and reaching piece. Really, it is nothing short of the anatomy of a revolution and the figure who became one of the key romantic symbols is one of many elements at play here. Do I want to see this beast again? You bet.

'Che' Theatrical Trailer @ Yahoo! Video
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