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Italy's back, baby. It's been a long time since the land of pasta was on the top of the cult film heap but there are ever-increasing signs that things are on the upswing there again. Current case in point: The King In Yellow: Interludes. This is a Lovecraft-inspired multimedia project that may well end up as a web-serial - they haven't decided yet - which has already had one early effort included on a Lurker Films DVD release. The budget is minimal on this but there is obvious talent behind the camera. The creators have just passed along two teasers and a stack of stills and Todd wants more.

Teaser One (embedded Quicktime)

Teaser Two (embedded Quicktime)

Still One

Still Two

Still Three

Still Four

Still Five

Still Six

Still Seven

Promo Image

Sketches One

Sketches Two


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The VisitorMay 26, 2007 12:17 PM

OH MY GOODNESS! Robert W. Chambers' The King In Yellow??? WOW. The Yellow Sign is only like, one of my favourite books of all time!