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If the wheel is not broken, then don't fix it. No truer words can be spoken in the case of CG animated film for their affinity with talking animals in a fluffy scenario and gearing it for the PG audience. Many animated films has follow this formula and consistantly made profits so its no surprise when Walt Disney Pictures is continuing to apply it for the upcoming animated adventure known as The Wild. The studio responsible for the production is C.O.R.E Digitial Pictures. It is due out on April 14 for wide release. Here is the synopsis taken from Movies.com:

After dark, the animals at the New York City Zoo tend to get a little crazy. When one of these wild nights goes wrong, a lion cub named Ryan is accidently shipped to Africa and released into the wilderness. Ryan's father, Samson, and his friends to go on a risky rescue mission to find Ryan and bring him home to New York.

The trailer is available on Disney.com and Movies.com. (video embedded)

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