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Sundance 2018 Review: MADELINE'S MADELINE Dances in the Delight and Dread of the Feminine Intuitive

Madeline's Madeline is what we mean when we talk about authentic cinema; pure cinema, brimming over with euphoria and empathy and a direct perspective of a human, both inside and out, mental and physical, that feels so complete as to be dizzying. revelatory

Crowdfund This: TORMENTING THE HEN, Social Malaise and Toxic Love

Let's get right to it: Tormenting the Hen is not a movie about a tortured domestic female bird. Instead, it's a live-action feature film whose heart "lies right there in the title," according to the official crowdfunding site. "Just who...

Review: COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS Dreams with Insight and Ambition

It is hard to deny the wealth of imagination and craft apparent across all five dreams featured in this omnibus work.

Crowdfund This: Dream Inspired Web Series COLLECTIVE:UNCONCIOUS

It's not everyday you get a group of up and coming American directors pooling their colleague's/ collaborator's dreams for their next creative endeavor, but that's exactly what collective:unconscious is.What's to get excited about here is two-fold: Project producer Dan Schoenbrun...

First Time Fest 2014 Review: BUTTER ON THE LATCH, A Fascinating, Elliptical Psychological Horror Tale

First Time Fest, beyond all its star-studded packaging, is at its core about showcasing new filmmaking talent, and perhaps the most fascinating and fully-formed talent featured this year is director, actress, and performance artist Josephine Decker, who now has two...