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Sundance 2018: Listen To An Exclusive Song From Panos Cosmatos' MANDY

Beyond The Black Rainbow director Panos Cosmatos returns to the big screen tonight with the world premiere of his sophomore film, Mandy, at the Sundance Film Festival. And part of what that means is that the world is about to...

Sundance 2018 Exclusive: PITY Poster, a Man in a World Not Cruel Enough For Him

The poster for the long-awaited sophomore feature Pity by the L director Babis Makridis arrives

SUMMER OF '84 Trailer: TURBO KID Collective Returns!

Filmmaking collective, RKSS, creator of 2015's Canadian cult hit Turbo Kid, are taking us back to the Summer of '84 in their next retro-fueled film. While it's impossible not to compare the film to recent nostalgia hits like Stranger Things...

HUMAN AFFAIRS: Watch This Clip From Charlie Birns' Slamdance Entry

Yesterday, a clip for Charlie Birns' Slamdance entry, the drama Human Affairs, premiered over at The Playlist. We can now share that clip from Birns' feature film debut with you below and it is very much worth checking out; such...

BEFORE WE VANISH: New Trailer For U.S. Theatrical Release

Super LTD will be releasing Before We Vanish the twentieth film from acclaimed horror director Kiyoshi Kurosawa in U.S. cinemas on February 2nd. The director of perennial favorites like Cure and Pulse looked to reinvent the alien invasion movie as...

REVENGE: Woman Always Put up a Fight in New Trailer

Coralie Fargeat's intense thriller Revenge will open in its home France on February 6th. A poster was just released along with a bloody fresh trailer for us to look at.    Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway,...

Oxford Film Festival Unveils 2018 Line Up

[Pictured above: a promo image of The Last Movie Star, with Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter.] The Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, Mississippi has revealed the film schedule for its 15th edition today. The line up includes Adam Rifkin's latest, The...

Berlinale 2018 Unveils First Titles, Weimar Cinema, Body Politics and Latin America Make the Cut

Berlinale 2018 unveils the latest crop in its 68th line-up

WITHDRAWN: Watch The New Trailer For Slamdance Hit

Adrian Murray's Slamdance hit Withdrawn releases November 14th through Syndicado and we're proud to present a new trailer for the film that our own Ben Umstead compared to the early work of Richard Linklater. Aaron Keogh stars here as a...

BALANGIGA: HOWLING WILDERNESS Teases a Boy, Bloody Bodies and a Burning Hillside

One night, a young boy wanders around a burning hillside, bloody dead bodies everywhere. He's looking for something ... This is a teaser for Balangiga: Howling Wilderness, the latest from Filipino filmmaker Khavn de la Cruz. It will have its...

Exclusive Trailer: WITHOUT, One of the Best Debuts of the Decade

In the world of indie film, Mark Jackson's debut feature, Without, is that rare breed: it is a work that truly came out of nowhere, was made for no money, then gained great esteem from festivals and critics all over...

Warsaw 2017 Review: SO HELP ME GOD, a Wild True/False Search for Justice

Perplexing stranger-than-fiction pic So Help Me God captures the formalist zeitgeist in a highly watchable outcome

NEWLY SINGLE Trailer and Poster Promise a Caustic Relationship Comedy

Writer-director Adam Christian Clark follows up his well-received first feature, Caroline and Jackie, with meta-dark-comedy Newly Single.   Clark himself plays the bitter and broken protagonist in a film that only came into being after the director saw his original...

New York 2017 Review: LET THE SUN SHINE IN, Claire Denis Goes Hong Sang-soo

I think Claire Denis has been hanging out with Hong Sang-soo a little too much because I never expected her to do a wordy romantic comedy! And the result is delightful! It boasts the best rolling end credit of any movie ever.

Camera Japan 2017 Review: LOVE AND OTHER CULTS Minds The Details

It's fair to say that ever since his Greatful Dead was released, we've been fans of director Uchida Eiji. That film presented a decidedly offbeat look at Japanese society, and Uchida showed he wasn't afraid to use pitch-black comedy and...

New York 2017 Review: THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE, Syrian Refugee Crisis, Aki Kaurismaki Style

Extremely silly and endlessly charming, The Other Side of Hope reminds us that the complicated world we are living in doesn't need to be complicated. Through the Kaurismakian glass, the world is filled with decent people and it remains a hopeful place as long as people help each other out.

New York 2017 Review: In FELICITE, a Glimpse of a Modern Woman's Life in Kinshasa

Félicité is not another downbeat film about Africa steeped in miserablist tendencies. Gomis and company don't lose the sight of happiness in the daily lives of its ordinary citizens. There is much humanism and culture and joy to be had in Félicité and I am grateful for it.

DHOGS: Exclusive Trailer Premiere For Sitges Selected Horror

Spanish director Andres Goteira will soon premiere his feature film Dhogs in competition at the prestigious Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival and we are happy to offer up your first look at the trailer here at Screen Anarchy. The intimacy...

Slash Film Fest Review: A Broad Range of Shorts Caters to All Tastes

Who likes short shorts? If you’re referring to the cinema format, Vienna come late September is a good answer. At the Filmcasino, a sizable crowd gathered on Monday evening to sample the second round of the Slash Film Festival’s international...

Fantastic Fest 2017 Review: HAUNTERS: THE ART OF THE SCARE, From Old-School to Extreme Horror

It's all fun and games until someone is left a whimpering mess. Five years ago, The American Scream debuted at Fantastic Fest. Under the direction of Michael Paul Stephenson (Best Worst Movie), it lovingly documented the growing phenomena of handcrafted...