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Seattle 2018 Preview: Week's 2's 5 Can't Miss Picks

Welcome back for the second week of the Seattle International Film Fest. We last brought you five picks from the kickoff week (some of which might have additional screenings to come). Here are five more movies we recommend that premiere...

Seattle 2018 Preview: 5 Can't Miss Picks from Week 1 at SIFF

Hello Northwest film fans! Welcome to part one of our weekly Seattle International Film Fest preview series. As Seattleites undoubtedly know, the annual month-long celebration of cinema that is SIFF is kicking off tonight. For this year's festival, we've broken...

Seattle 2016 Preview: Twitch Picks 10 From A Mighty Program

Seattleites are blessed with one of the world's largest and best attended film festivals and it's time to turn our attention to the PacNW. Yes it's SIFF time again and although the festival officially kicked off last Thursday, don't you...

Seattle Int'l Film Fest 2015: Twitch Picks 10 Can't-Miss Films

While much of the film world has their attention turned to the first full day of the Cannes Film Festival, there is a much bigger film festival kicking off today in the Pacific Northwest. That's bigger in sheer number of...