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Preview: New York Asian Film Festival Celebrates 15 Gonzo Years

Picture it: The early part of the 21st Century. Dial-up modems sing shrilly throughout our homes. Bush & Cheney plot and scheme like Batman villains. A young Canadian music and movie enthusiast starts a website to talk about the stuff...

Preview: New York Asian Film Festival, Back In Action!

A summer staple for NYC, the New York Asian Film Festival (affectionately known around these parts as NYAFF) swings back into action at The Film Society Of Lincoln Center and SVA Theater, June 26 - July 11. Jam packed with...

Preview: New York Asian Film Festival, Still Crazy After All These Years

A mainstay in the NYC cinephile scene for thirteen yeas, the New York Asian Film Festival could be called an institution, but can something that is often so much fun as NYAFF be called as such? In short, yes. Despite...

NYAFF 2012 Preview: The Usual Unusual

The summer months roll around and much of the world is cooling off in the dark of the theater with the likes of brooding vigilantes, rebooted wall-crawlers and vampire hunting presidents. This is all well and good, or at the...