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Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” The wasp in this case is the facehugger. Scott never intended a queen - egg - larva - adult lifecycle. That is fact. And yes he filmed the transformation from human to egg and didn't include it because they couldn't pull it off well enough. Get your facts straight and stop spreading misinformation. Also I'm not defending anything I'm just saying that I personally don't like the queen concept and what Cameron did with it and I called you out on your wrong statements. Learn to take criticism where it's due and grow a pair 20 minutes ago
Sebastian Zavala on “Review: Commando, the perfect embodiment of 80’s Schwarzenegger” Haha, yeah, it all adds to the fun! I believe they actually used mannikins for those shots with the exploding buildings, as well as a terribly fake-looking model. 5 hours ago
Gopal Natarajan on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Stop being an obtuse fanboi. Scott's original idea for "Alien" was based on the parasitic wasp. That is a fact. And the humans were used as hosts for the Alien eggs. That is a fact. Cameron extended that insect/parasite idea with the the Queen alien. Nowhere in the "Alien" film series (including "Prometheus" and "Covenant") were humans ever "transformed" into eggs. If Scott did filmed such a sequence at some point for the original "Alien," he never included it in that film and never made reference to it again, rendering that particular narrative pathway irrelevant. If you were as "informed" as you pretend to be about the franchise, you'd understand that. Now just shut it with your pseudo-defense of an obviously weak and inconsistent narrative based on nothing. 7 hours ago
ToryK on “Cannes 2017 Review: THE VILLAINESS Shoots and Chops Her Way to Bloody Revenge” That's one of my "things" too. If someone who knows what they're talking about (i.e. Pierce) compares a movie to old-school Woo or Jackie, I'm in. Put it on the back of the DVD, and I'm buying it. 7 hours ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Dude you have no idea what you are talking about. First you say it was Scott idea and it wasn't. Then you say the humans were not supposed to be transformed to eggs but thats exactly what was supposed to happen. If you knew anything about the original alien then you wouldn't spew such missinformation. Just shut it if you don't the right information at hand and stop your pseudo criticism based on nothing. 11 hours ago
Tim Nuttall on “Review: TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, First 4 Episodes Dazzle, Confound, Delight” The wonderful restorative power of damn fine coffee. 16 hours ago
Gopal Natarajan on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” The Alien does not transform humans into eggs. The humans are used as hosts for the parasite. Scott never explained where the eggs came from since his original idea only had one face hugger and one Xenomorph. Cameron then extended the insect idea with the queen laying eggs and cocooning the host organisms. 16 hours ago
jcoa2 on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” At one point, when Walter stabs David, David exclaims "That's the spirit!" just like Roy Batty did in 1 day ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” In issue #27 of Cinefex, Stan Winston had this to say on the genesis of the Queen's design: "Right from the start, Jim had a concept of the Alien Queen in the back of his head. In fact, when we first began talking about the project he showed me the beautiful rendering he had done of it which I liked immediately." 1 day ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Clearly not a queen. Its a Deacon coming from a sort of vagina or pool of liquid doing the jesus thing 1 day ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Back in the 80s was a period where the queen was perceived as an idea that could and made people go wow (since it gave them something relatable), but thats exactly what I don't like about it especially in the light of Camerons steroid bug hunt action schlock. All that action Zerg / Swarm idea was derived from that and couldn't be less interesting. War films in space...vs bugs, I wasn't aware that was a thing that was cool for people above 14 years of age. Thanks Cameron. 1 day ago
guest on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” cant wait for the prequel that explains how the engineers that created the prometheus engineers also originally created the first david. 1 day ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Thats probably why he filmed the Alien transforming humans into eggs. The only reason he left it on the cutting floor was that it didn't look convincing enough. Also why did he then abandon that concept if it was his idea? So either he changed his mind on his own idea (good) or it wasn't his concept and he turned his back on what Cameron did (even better) 1 day ago
Gopal Natarajan on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Ummm, the Queen - Egg - Larva - Adult lifecycle was Scott's idea. He based the Alien's biology on a species of wasp that lays its eggs in the bodies of host animals. 1 day ago
Gopal Natarajan on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Queen or not (arguable), the sculpture is of a Xenomorph (" 1 day ago
DON MARAZO on “EFM 2011: CHOCOLATE 2 Coming In 3D” these martial butt kickers must be double joined. i do love jeeja-but as a god-given talented entertainer. 1 day ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” I disagree. I don't like the design as I don't think its something Giger would have done and it totally undermines the clever body horror of Alien with..... SPACE BUGS bullshit. I like Scotts direction a lot more and celebrate the fact I won't see that Queen in future films anymore. People complain about Scott removing the mystery of the Xeno when it fact it was Cameron who demystified it by making it nothing but a big insect with a Queen - Egg - Larva - Adult lifecycle. Scott instead gave us -mysterious biological agent made by 'gods' then -full blown, almost indestructible nightmare fuel creature that fucks shit up really bad. I totally don't understand the incessant whining about this. Scotts version is WAAAAAAY better and more 'mysterious'. 1 day ago
Ard Vijn on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” True that the queen is Cameron's idea, not Scott's. 1 day ago
Mehliens on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” The mural does not depict a queen. Ridley Scott removed the queen from the canon and lifecycle of the xeno entirely as it was never supposed to be there in the first place. That was Cameron's lame idea who turned the Xenos into space bugs 2 days ago
Gopal Natarajan on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” The biggest and most glaring logic gap in "Prometheus" was made even wider and more idiotic by "Covenant." If "Covenant" tells us that the Xenomorph is the result of David's experiments that wasn't perfected till the Covenant crew arrived, then how was there an elaborate carving of the Queen Xenomorph in the Engineer's compound that the Prometheus crew explored? Never mind the fact that when the Nostromo crew in "Alien" comes across the derelict Engineer ship, they find the iconic 'Space Jockey' is already a fossil, meaning that the derelict ship is already thousands of years old. None of this lines up since "Alien" supposedly takes place some 20 years after "Covenant." 2 days ago
Mario Reasby on “Have Your Say: Who Is Currently The Best Screen Fighter?” Donnie Yen gets my vote right now. Adkins is up there too though. So is Statham. Also really like Tim Man. 2 days ago
Elytron Frass on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” It's nothing that I was hoping it would be, but the new meanings/pathos it brings to David and the Xenomorph is equally as intriguing as having the Xeno we know preexisting as some ancient species. It's almost Cronenbergian to think that David engineered this literal rape monster from a form of asexual frustration and bi-curiosity along with some loathing for his own creator and his creator's creators. An inevitable set up for David's creations to turn back on him. 2 days ago
Ben de Klos on “Now on Blu-ray: Open Your Mind, Step Into THE VOID” Quite a disappointment (though reading reviews prepared me already) 2 days ago
Ben de Klos on “Screen Anarchists On ALIEN: COVENANT” Like a pie with cherries on top. And cream. And marshmallows, chocolate, candles, sprinkles, disco dip, icing, etc. 2 days ago