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Well, here's a little something interesting: A Canadian indie feature currently being shot entirely in 8mm, a process that requires filming in sequences of no longer than two and a half minutes - the run time of an 8mm cartridge - and encapsulating the camera in a 'sound blimp' to eliminate the chatter of the the (very noisy) mechanism from the audio.

Radke Films goes into production on HOMME MOVIE, a feature film shot entirely on Super 8mm film stock, and directed by Michael LeBlanc.

The first screenplay by writer Justin Ridgeway, HOMME MOVIE is about a man’s series of romantic encounters with people he’s met off the internet, and his struggle to make a connection.

Director & cinematographer Michael LeBlanc says, “It’s a very modern, digital story we’re telling in a very analogue way, with the use of film.” Michael directed music videos for: Belle and Sebastian, Spoon, Travie McCoy feat. Sia, Alt J, Timber Timbre, The New Pornographers, among others.

Michael adds, “The theme of HOMME MOVIE is about the influence of digital technology on the human condition, and our choice is to take a humanistic perspective by conveying the story made up by film grain, not pixels.”

HOMME MOVIE has an ensemble cast sourced from the world of music, lead by musicians Trevor Blumas (Doomsquad) and Raven Shields.

HOMME MOVIE is produced by Chris Nanos, executive produced by Rick Chad, and Scott Mackenzie. Radke Films produced EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN, the first feature film written by popular novelist Douglas Coupland (Generation X, JPod).

Producers Radke Films are an interesting outfit here in Toronto, with their core business being commercial and music video work and their forays into narrative feature being very carefully selected, and often quite unusual. Check out the images from the shoot below!

Director Michael LeBlanc, and actor Trevor Blumas, on set of Homme Movie. photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling,

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