TALL MEN: Watch the Trailer For Horror Thriller, Out This Week on VOD And DVD

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TALL MEN: Watch the Trailer For Horror Thriller, Out This Week on VOD And DVD
Jonathan Holborook's horror thriller Tall Men (an update of his own 2004 film Customer 152?) was released by Ruthless Studios on Tuesday, May 9th. This is just a reminder that the film is out there and that the company behind the release, Ruthless Studios, does good work outside of releasing film. More on that after the press release. You will also find the trailer for Tall Men below as well. 
Ruthless Studios is excited to announce the VOD and DVD release of the Horror thriller Tall Men.
For his second feature Director Jonathan Holbrook brings us Tall Men, a suspenseful on the edge of your seat thriller about a challenged man being haunted by tall demons in business suits after he buys a car with a mysterious black credit card.
With its mind blowing practical and cgi fx Tall Men will leave you second guessing everything and make you afraid to go use your credits cards. Tall Men can be found on iTunes, Dish Network, Google Play and on DVD at Best Buy & other fine retailers.
Tall Men was directed by Jonathan Holbrook and stars Dan Crisafulli, Kay Whitney, Pat Cahsman.
While release announcements like this usually pass us by I cannot help but note that Ruthless Studios is another one of those U.S. companies that puts portions of their proceeds to help their veterans deal with life back home and the impact their times of service has on them. So cheers to them and their work. 
Ruthless Studios is a film sales and distribution company based out of Los Angeles distributing independent films of all genres among all digital platforms and physical formats to audiences around the world. Ruthless provides easy access to the best of independent film for fans, a great partnership for artists, and an unparalleled outlet for those passionate about film as an art form. With each film DVD and Blue-Ray purchase a portion of the proceeds goes to veteran organizations that help our heroes battle PTSD and aid in their transition home.
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