Osaka 2017: PARKS, Hashimoto Ai Stars In The Trailer For Festival Closing Film

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Osaka 2017: PARKS, Hashimoto Ai Stars In The Trailer For Festival Closing Film

Making its world premiere on Sunday, March 12, director Seta Natsuki’s Parks will close Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017. No stranger to OAFF, Natsuki’s debut feature, A Letter From Elsewhere, played here back in 2009. Indie musical drama Parks stars Hashimoto Ai (Confessions, The Inerasable), Sometani Shota (Himizu, Parasyte) and Nagano Mei (My Love Story!!).


University student Jun (HASHIMOTO Ai), living near Inokashira Park, has a visit from a high school girl, Haru (NAGANO Mei). They search for Haru’s late father’s ex-girlfriend, who sent a letter to the father. However, they find the ex-girlfriend's grandson Tokio (SOMETANI Shota) and he says the woman has passed away. Tokio finds a roll of reel-to-reel tape in his grandmother’s belongings, a recording of a love song that Haru’s father made. Due to tape damage, they can’t listen to the full song, so the three try to recreate the missing parts to complete the song.

Parks will play after the Osaka Asian Film Festival Closing Ceremony at ABC Hall Osaka, Sunday 12th March, 18:40.

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ZetobeltMarch 10, 2017 1:02 PM

What a beautiful and talented young lady!

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