Have Your Say: What Was The Best Zombie Film Of 2016?

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Have Your Say: What Was The Best Zombie Film Of 2016?
Oscars, Schmoscars. While I understand that it must be nice to be nominated (and even nicer to win), films aren't a sports event, and the very nature of art often renders straight comparisons meaningless anyway. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are plenty of people who will enjoy a seventies porn flick more than a regular "best film" Oscar-winning title.

Having said all that, there is of course nothing wrong with film fans debating what's best, or championing your own personal favourite a bit. I mean, that's what this regular feature is all about, often enough, right? Therefore, lets invent a non-sensical award on the spot and add a debatable shortlist of nominees. In my 2016 overview, I wrote that I was very surprised to see three great zombie films appear in that year. I mean, the fact that people still can make great films in that tired sub-sub-genre is a miracle in itself, but three films that had people's tongues wagging? That's kinda awesome all on its own!

So the question of the week is: which title should win the "Best Zombie Film of 2016" award?

The nominees are (from left to right in the picture above):

Train to Busan, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, reviewed here.

The Girl With All the Gifts, directed by Colm McCarthy, reviewed here.

I Am a Hero, directed by Sato Shinsuke, reviewed here.

Who should the winner be, and even more important: did I miss any great nominees? Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!!!

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  • TedGeoghegan

    BUSAN, hands down.

  • Ferg Fergus

    The Girl With All the Gifts was clever, intelligently directed and really well acted. I normally avoid zombie movies like the plague (phnarr phnarr) but that movie nailed it for me.

  • Zetobelt

    I vote for "I AM A HERO".

  • John W

    I only saw Train To Busan so I'm going with that, but I am definitely going to be on the lookout for I Am A Hero.

    I plan to watch Girl With All The Gifts Soon.

  • Ben de Klos

    I am a hero

    Thought train to Busan was a bit of a middle of the road snorefest

  • cjohnston

    "Playing" fair-ly within your field of nominees; I'd have tah agree with Ben on this..
    However (as I'm accustomed to do from time to time..) --- "breaking" down that fourth-wall stipulation and methodically taking it apart. ~ ..THE LURE (imho) beats the Heck outta ALL those. ..combined...
    ....LOVED it.
    ...it's weird, it's creepy; it's Gorgeously atmospheric, ...and it's unbelievably Sexy..

  • David Smith

    I haven't seen the Japanese film but Train to Busan should have won the best film oscar

  • Cleo Soron

    It's on R3 DVD now. It's not bad - some really enjoyable bits, but the storyline is a bit standard.

  • Re-Bop

    I wasn't that into the first 15 minutes or so, but the first extended sequence of shit hitting the fan was just outstanding. Some of the craziest chaos I've seen in a zombie film, which was a sight to behold.

  • Ben Umstead

    Girl with All the Gifts. Hands down.

    While the other two have a nice visceral factor Girl had a rich, immersive mythology and great pathos. Most unique and fresh zombie related thing since BBC cancelled In the Flesh.

  • r0rschach

    Agreed. I liked all three but having watched Girl a second time a few days ago I can confidently say it was my favorite. Although it seems to have borrowed just a few too many elements from The Last of Us, it's got a very different kind of zombie outbreak than we're used to seeing as well as a different outlook. Lot of fun actors, Paddy Considine is always enjoyable and The Expanse's Dominique Tipper is in there briefly.

  • Ben Umstead

    Any relation to Last of Us is pure coincidence as the book the film is based on came out in January 2014, while the game came out in July of the same year, so both stories were being developed parallel.

  • r0rschach

    Funny that they both came up with the idea for a cordyceps virus-driven zombie apocalypse at the same time! And then they both made it about a badass girl who could stop the whole thing in the same way. Quite a coincidence, it's as if the writers had a drink together bouncing ideas off each other and then both went off and wrote stuff really quickly.

  • the hong Kong cavaliers

    Train to busan for me , saw it twice at a movie fest something I never do , have not seen the girl with all the gift unfortunately.

  • Cleo Soron

    1. Train to Busan (by quite some way)
    Seoul Station
    2. I Am a Hero
    3 Girl with all the Gifts

    As well as the animation, there's The Cell and Pride and Prejudice vs Zombies. Although forgetting them is entirely understandable!

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