O RASTRO Trailer: Creepy Horror From Brazil

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O RASTRO Trailer: Creepy Horror From Brazil

Atmosphere is everything in the first trailer for O Rastro (English title: The Trace We Leave Behind).

Director J.C. Feyer establishes a creepy tone and a story that doesn't entirely reveal itself, not least because I don't speak Portuguese and there are no English subtitles. But this trailer definitely stands out for me because the performances appear to be at one with that atmosphere and the spare musical accompaniment.

According to Variety, O Rastro began production in Brazil this past March. Here's how Variety described it:

Set against Brazil's roiling social unrest, it turns on a bright, recently-promoted doctor Joao who is tasked with coordinating the overnight transfer of patients when yet another public hospital is closed in Rio. When a young girl patient goes missing, he tries to locate her, and is gradually drawn into a world he wishes he had never entered.

For those who read Portuguese, here's the synopsis from Imagem Filmes:

João (Rafael Cardoso) é um médico escolhido para coordenar a remoção de pacientes de um antigo hospital prestes a ser desativado. Na noite da transferência, uma menina de dez anos desaparece sem deixar vestígios. Quanto mais João se aproxima da verdade, mais ele mergulha em um universo obscuro, que nunca deveria ser revelado.

Leandro Leal, Rafael Cardoso, Felipe Camargo, Claudia Abreu, and Jonas Bloch star. The film is heading for release in Brazilian theaters on March 30, 2017. You can watch the trailer below.

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bad. well its porguese. gotta go pessoa