Have Your Say: What's Your Favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme Film?

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Have Your Say: What's Your Favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme Film?
Sometimes it's hard to think of what our question of the week should be, sometimes it's easy. The moment I saw that today was Jean-Claude Van Damme's birthday, it was very easy indeed. The "Muscles From Brussels" becomes 56 years old, and we wish him many more turns around the sun. Because whether you're a fan of him or not, his presence has been a source of joy, hilarity and occasionally awesomeness for many.

So our question of the week is: what is your favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme film? Feel free to interpret the question non-sarcastically or sarcastically, and bring forward your fondest memories of when he was good, or when he was so bad it was good.

So chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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  • Bryant Low

    I really like SUDDEN DEATH a lot

  • DooK_MD

    Martial arts-wise, I'd say NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. Fantastic collabo with Hong Kong action maestro Corey Yuen and a reminder that Van Damme could've further looked good had he continued to be choreographed under the HK fight choreography direction instead of relying on the same kicking and punching techniques he did in later movies as the lead.

    In general, it's John Woo's HARD TARGET. Everything clicked for me, even the cheesy plotline.

  • 1. Bloodsport - no other Martial Arts tournament movie (since Enter the dragon) comes close to ETD but this did.
    2. Hard Target - Even John Woo can make JCVD looks Freakin Cool
    3. Cyborg - Guilty pleasure Sci-Fi Martial Arts, yes count me in

  • Yojimbo

    You are all delusional well apart from Paul M.
    The Universe knows that Double Team is the greatest Van Damme film of all time.
    Jean Claude has to battle a Shaolin style assassin who wields a knife with his TOES!!!
    He gets to team up with pre US ambassador to North Korea, the sartorially inelegant Dennis Rodman who plays arms dealer Yaz (who sadly doe not serenade Jean Claude with "The Only Way Is Up") https://www.youtube.com/wat...
    Not forgetting the piece de la resistance where Jean has to fight both a Tiger and Mickey Rourke who seems to be an international terrorist, Muscle Mary, Siegfried and Roy impersonator to the death in a minefield in a BULLRING !!!!...

    Yojimbo drops the mic, whilst drop kicking Sho Koshugi in the face.

  • Ard Vijn

    Ok, that made me spill my coffee.

  • Paul M

    1. Hard Target
    2. Maximum Risk
    3. Double Team
    4. The Quest
    5. JCVD

  • Everyone! All the love for Hard Target makes me so happy. John Woo's Greatest Hits record.

  • Ard Vijn

    And Greatest Kicks record too!

  • Chalk up another for Hard Target. It makes the distinction between good and bad movies irrelevant by being both dumb and perfect.

  • Steve Kuntz

    It's John Woo's Hard Target, easy.

  • MrMilkMan


  • thrashtildeath

    Hard Target, and it's not close.

  • obijuanmartinez


    There can be only one!

    But 'Hard Target' for sure comes a close 2nd...

  • Tom Kiesecoms

    JCVD really surprised me ... I've always liked HARD TARGET and SUDDEN DEATH. Am I crazy for thinking UNISOL REGENERATION is pretty fun?

  • Ard Vijn

    No, you're not crazy.

  • Tom Kiesecoms

    REGENERATION had some very entertaining action set pieces and the desolate locale worked to the benefit of the gritty atmosphere. Had the final fight of THE EXPENDABLES 2 been anything like some of REGENERATION’s battles I think the former would have fared much better.

  • marshy00

    Probably JCVD or DOUBLE IMPACT

  • Heijoshin

    There are a handful that are near and dear to my heart but if I had to pick just one would have to say Bloodsport.

  • cjohnston

    i'd have to go Assassination Games on this.
    ....the "rigged" machine -gun is one of the few times in film I found myself going up to cover my ears..

    *I HAVE never seen jcvd though..

  • zullului

    JCVD is THE Jean-Claude Van Damme film. It's also actually good.

  • ManateeAdvocate

    Very true indeed. I had to go with the one I revisit most. Best vs. Favorite is always a tough decision.

  • Mangkone

    I think it's his best movie and I loved it, Yet my favorite would be a mix of all the training scenes he has done..

  • the hong Kong cavaliers

    Cyborg will always be my favorite

  • ManateeAdvocate

    Hard Target.

  • wabalicious

    That'd probably be my choice too.

  • Sudden Death - This is mostly because I saw it as a kid and I stayed nostalgic. I also think it has aged well (better than others)

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