Morten Tyldum To Direct Adaptation Of Lauren Beukes' THE SHINING GIRLS

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Morten Tyldum To Direct Adaptation Of Lauren Beukes' THE SHINING GIRLS

Variety has reported that The Imitation Game's director Morten Tyldum will direct the adaptation of The Shining Girls by South African novelist Lauren Beukes.  

The story in the novel was about a serial killer who stumbles into a derelict home in Depression Era Chicago. The home opens up to other eras and drives him to hunt down and kill women in these different time periods, leaving behind momentos at the crime scene that do not match the era. In present day Chicago a young woman is putting together the pieces and find out who his final victim will be to complete his collection.

I read The Shining Girls after I found her lending a quote to Charlie Human's Apocalypse Now Now and Kill Baxter (which are fucking epic and you must, must, must read. Now!). I liked it but felt there was too much of a disconnect between the killer and the female protagonist in the novel to make their eventual meeting have any sense of intimacy or threat. 

Now. Beukes' other novel Broken Monsters. That I also read. That novel should be the next one in line to be adapted. That had a much fuller World and the connections between characters had that level of intimate to really bring on the sense of urgency some characters felt to stop the killer in that novel. 

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  • kidlazarus

    great news on both film and tv fronts. I actually prefer Shining Girls to Broken Monsters; but, I can understand Andrew's disconnect.

  • Broken Monsters is being developed for TV at Endemol. And if you like her stuff, the absolutely don't miss title is Zoo City, which is AMAZING (and also in development as a feature).

  • New paperback edition of Zoo City coming out in August.

  • squee.

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