Full Trailer for AMBIANCÉ: Who Has Seven Hours To Spare?

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Full Trailer for AMBIANCÉ: Who Has Seven Hours To Spare?

Swedish director Anders Weberg is either a genius or a masochist, or possibly both. He certainly is ambitious, making a 30 day film. And if you thought a seven-minute teaser (which my colleague Stuart Muller reported on in 2014) was a bit of a challenge, you'll need to set aside a good portion of your day to watch the first full trailer, which clocks in at 7 hours, 20 minutes. Apparently he plans to release an even longer trailer in 2018.

The film is destined for release in 4 years, screen one time, and then be destroyed by the director. This kind of art might seem more appropraite perhaps for a museum or art gallery, or at least a venue where one could come and go at will. I've managed to watch about an hour of this so far, and I love experimental film, but this might be even beyond my fairly substantial attention span unless I view it in sections. (And I'm talking about the trailer, not the film.)

If anyone does manage to watch it all, in one sitting or otherwise, please chime in. It's certainly a unique cinematic event in any length.

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  • wagnerfilm

    This is all pretty zen, I suppose.

  • Toulouse Startrec

    This is possibly the most pretentious thing ever.

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