FAST 8: Iceland Is On Fire In BTS Pics!

Associate Editor, News; Toronto, Canada (@Mack_SAnarchy)
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Icelandic site Visir posted some behind the scenes shots from Fast 8 today. The film was shooting on a frozen lake yesterday and will move to Arkansas soon. 

You got your Subaru, a decked out Charger, a Rally Fighter. And fire. Lots of fire.

Oh. Also a tank. You cannot have a Fast movie without a tank. 

That will buff out. 

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  • The Rain in Spain's Therapist

    Are they seriously filming in Arkansas? I'd love to know which locations (Since I live here :) ).

  • cjohnston

    Wordiddy Word-Word.
    ...I would b SUCH a rubbernecking Freak, if that be the case.

  • FDB

    It actually says that it will be moving to Akranes, a small town is west Iceland. After that it's Atlanta all the way. No Arkansas, I don't think :(

  • cjohnston

    OKay. not wishing to be TOO much of a nit-picking ninncommpoop here. - But, (and point me to where I err if this be the case) --- the post says: A,R,K,A,N,S,A,S.

    Is there a Arkansas in Iceland ??
    ..and this is Quite Sincere here - I do not know.

    .. .Mack .??.

  • FDB

    Yes, but the article the post LINKS TO says A,K,R,A,N,E,S. Try clicking on it.

  • cjohnston

    GOT It. .!!!!!!
    - I mentally and completely glossed right over that little detail.

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