Marshy's Favourite Asian Movies Of 2015 Part 2

Asian Editor; Hong Kong, China (@Marshy00)
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It's that time of year again, when I share a few of my favourite Asian offerings from the back half of 2015. On the whole it has not been the best year for Asian Cinema, with Hong Kong in particular producing precious few genuinely great films. Celebrated filmmakers like Johnny To, Dante Lam, John Woo and Ringo Lam all had new films come out in the past six months, but none were particularly impressive.

Jia Zhangke's Mountains May Depart was a major disappointment, great for two thirds of its running time, before dropping the ball completely in its final act. Higuchi Shinji's two-part Attack On Titan was similarly all set-up with no pay off - and that's being kind.

It hasn't all been bad, however. While the list below is capped at 10, there have been plenty of other notable films to have emerged from the region in the past 6 months. S.S. Rajamouli's epic Baahubali: The Beginning, Wilson Yip's low-key yet enjoyable Ip Man 3, Kitano Takeshi's Ryuzo And His Seven Henchmen, Choi Dong-hoon's Assassination, Shin Su-won's Madonna and Raman Hui's record-breaking Monster Hunt are all worth checking out. 

But enough with the pleasantries, here are my favourite Asian films I caught in the second half of 2015:

My favourites from the first half of the year are here

Ard Vijn, Jason Gorber, Pierce Conran, Ben Croll and Hugo Ozman contributed to this story.

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  • One-Eye

    A couple of standouts for me this year were Shion Sono's TAG and the lush Korean horror THE SILENCED.

  • l3reezer

    Was hoping to see Assassination on this list!

  • marshy00

    As you will have noticed, it gets an honourable mention in the introduction of this post.

  • Moon

    Mr Six was good.

  • marshy00

    It sure is!

  • No Assassination Classroom on either list? Not a fan, or not seen it?

  • owen

    You know for some reason i thought Assassination Classroom was the international title for As the gods will and was waiting 2 hours for the Octopus to show up i just figured ya know Miike just sorta cut him out.

  • Ard Vijn

    They are easy to mix up due to their insane (high school based) plots, and I like both, but ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM is the sweeter and better of the two.

  • marshy00

    AS THE GODS WILL was flat out terrible!

  • Ard Vijn

    Yeah, what's up with that Marshy? I had it in my top 10, and that was worldwide, not just Asia!

  • marshy00

    Really enjoyed the first 20 minutes, and then it just kept going on and on and on. Wore me out to be honest. My patience for these kinds of gonzo Japanese films is waning in recent years.

  • Ard Vijn

    Once again we disagree (baleful gaze cast eastward...)

  • ManateeAdvocate

    100 Yen Love looks wonderful. I can't wait to see The Assassin. I should have it by the end of this month. I think, though, I want to see Our Little Sister most of all.

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