Experience The Marvelous Oddity Of Cory McAbee's Small Star Seminar

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Experience The Marvelous Oddity Of Cory McAbee's Small Star Seminar
We make no secret of our love for The American Astronaut and Stingray Sam eccentric Cory McAbee in these parts. A multi-talented musician, writer and director there's simply nobody else quite like McAbee anywhere in the world and any time he undertakes any new endeavor it's something to celebrate.

Cue up McAbee's latest effort, a solo musical effort that he performs under his own name - a playful riff on motivational seminars he labels Small Star Seminars with McAbee himself taking on the role of an ultra sincere motivational speaker who encourages people to be quiet and accept their limitations.

You can find all of the Small Star Seminar songs over at Bandcamp and, true to form, McAbee has released some very odd visual accompaniments, including the video below - a sort of lyric video which McAbee has released in English, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Swedish, Persian and Romanian versions. We're embedding the English below.
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  • Dan Fallone

    That's cause Cory McAbee is a creative genius

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