The WONDERBROTHERS Need A Miracle In the Charming First Trailer

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The WONDERBROTHERS Need A Miracle In the Charming First Trailer
Meet the Wonderbrothers (Wonderbroeders), a quintet of Dutch priest who - it must be said - are not particularly good at priestly things. Unless, of course, you consider the age old traditions of brewing beer and then drinking said beer to be priestly things. But they're a well meaning, likeable lot whose live are thrown into disarray when they learn that their church will be sold for redevelopment and they will lose their home unless they can come up with a sizeable amount of cash. Clearly the Brothers need a miracle.

Billed as from the creators of hit Dutch underdog comedy The Marathon - which mined similar comic territory with its tale of the blue collar workers of a mechanic's shop running a marathon to raise funds to save the shop and heir bosses' home in the process - the trailer for Wonderbrothers lives in a space that calls to mind films like The Full Monty or Waking Ned Devine, blue collar comedies that thrive on the strength of their characters. Would love to hear from some Dutch readers as to how this plays in their native tongue but from an outside perspective it looks quite promising. Check the trailer below.
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  • owen

    My old priest used to make whiskey and bang my friends mom

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