New Trailer For Nacho Vigalondo's OPEN WINDOWS Thrills And Disturbs

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New Trailer For Nacho Vigalondo's OPEN WINDOWS Thrills And Disturbs
Nacho Vigalondo's ingenious and manic third feature Open Windows has been making the festival rounds this season, and is due for release in the US (October 2 on VOD, November 7 theatrically) and the UK on October 17. The first English-language trailer has landed and should give audiences a taste of the spectacle and daring cinematography.

Nick Chambers (Elijah Wood) has won a dinner with Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), his favourite movie star. But on the evening, he is told by Chord (Neil Maskell), a representative of the film company, that Jill has refused to attend the dinner. The next thing he knows, Nick is given access to Jill's mobile phone, seeing and hearing her most intimate moments on his computer. But that is only the beginning of what seems to be a much larger, darker plan.

Vigalondo is known for stretching boundaries in content and aesthetics, and having a film entirely set on a computer screen might seem a challenge for the eyes, but the editing is seamless, and makes for fascinating debate on the reception of and access to information. Check out the trailer below.

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cuckoozeyAugust 19, 2014 8:14 AM

Trailer doesn't look so good, but I was a fan of Timecrimes and Elijah really impressed with that Maniac remake so I'm hoping the film is better than how it's represented here..