MCDULL: ME & MY MUM Trailer Will Delight Families And/Or Jaded Adults

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MCDULL: ME & MY MUM Trailer Will Delight Families And/Or Jaded Adults
Heading for release in Hong Kong on 1 October, McDull: Me & My Mum promises to delight family audiences and/or jaded adults. At least, that appears to be the intention. 

Anthony Wong, Sandra Ng, BabyJohn Choi, and The Pancakes are providing voices for the animated feature. Here's the official synopsis: 
Whenever the police encounter a difficult case, they will call on him to help to solve it; The FBI, Scotland Yard, all hire him as a consultant. He is Detective Mak, Bobby Mak, the private detective who is known to be the most famous detective since Sherlock Holmes. 

Bobby Mak used to be the kid who is called McDull. McDull is a slow kid, but his mum is shrewd. She transforms a 300-square foot apartment into a 2 bedroom, with dining and living room, sauna, gym and library. From a 100-squre feet shop, she manages a real estate agency, tuck shop, plumping service, beauty salon and second hand mobile phone shop, plus a private detective agency. (no joke, private detective!) She can use rice, salted fish, and cabbage to cook Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, or even a buffet. She can use a wire hanger to fix the toilet, remote-control toy plane, ceiling lamp and umbrella.....

I remember being absolutely charmed by My Life as McDull, which I believe was the first screen adaption of the comic series, back in 2001/2002, though I lost track of the multiple sequels. You can watch the first trailer below for the latest installment.
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Marcel SamsonAugust 11, 2014 1:49 PM

McDull is sooo awesome, even if you're not a native. Absolutely charming!