Legendary Producer Menahem Golan Has Died

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Legendary Producer Menahem Golan Has Died
Menaham Golan, a legendary filmmaker, has died at the age of 85, according to Haaretz

Golan began his career as a writer, producer, and director in the early 1960s, in partnership with his cousin Yoram Globus, but despite an Academy Award nomination for Sallah in 1964, it wasn't until his cult hit The Apple in 1980 that he gained international recognition. 

Shortly before that, Golan and Globus took control of The Cannon Group, and from there things took off, as the pair focused on action films that translated well both in the U.S. and the worldwide market. Cannon dominated that sector of the market throughout the 1980s 

The company was bought up in 1989 after a series of financial disappointments, though Golan continued making movies for another 25 years. Golan left a big mark on the film industry, especially the high-impact action movie, that will not be easily forgotten.
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