Farah Khan's HAPPY NEW YEAR Sports The Gaudiest Trailer You'll See This Year

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Farah Khan's HAPPY NEW YEAR Sports The Gaudiest Trailer You'll See This Year
This day has been years in the making.

Director Farah Khan reunites with her muse, Shah Rukh Khan, for Happy New Year, a film with nearly a decade of production delays under its belt. Development for Happy New Year began in 2005, between the twin Farah Khan/SRK blockbusters Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, but was tossed aside to focus on the latter. 

Thank heavens for that, because Om Shanti Om is an absolutely brilliant film that not only gave SRK an umpteenth notch on his belt of record setting successes, but it also introduced Deepika Padukone to Bollywood. Frankly, Om Shanti Om is a incredible film that works for those well versed in Bollywood film lore, and introduces potential fans to the glamour of Bollywood at its best.

In the years since OSO made big news, the going has been rough between Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, culminating in a widely publicized scuffle between SRK and Farah's husband, Shirish Kunder in 2012. In the meantime, Farah Khan has kept herself busy raising her kids, getting back to her choreography roots in a number of guest roles, and directing the lame Tees Maar Khan. SRK, has had his fair share of mishaps, as well, including the controversial box office take of his superhero film Ra.One, and his ridiculously goofy Muslim version of Forrest Gump/Rain Man, My Name is Khan.

While Shah Rukh Khan has had a few reasons to celebrate along the way, never has he been better than with Farah at the helm. That's why, in spite of this trailer's off the rails goofiness, I have complete faith that Happy New Year will be fun. LOTS of fun.

Along with SRK and Padukone, Farah Khan has roped in stars like Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Abhishek Bachchan, and Vivaan Shah. The trailer is packed with bright colors, obnoxious music, and slapstick jokes, but I'm excited anyway. Farah Khan knows how to do Bollywood excess correctly, and if she's learned her lesson from Tees Maar Khan, I'm excited for her to turn it back around and give the crowds what they want.

The entire plot is plainly laid out in the trailer, and there are tons of bizarrely captivating stunts and explosions, so why not take a look?

Happy New Year opens October 24.
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