The Sun Rises In NOBLE HEARTS Trailer

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The Sun Rises In NOBLE HEARTS Trailer
Indonesia has yet many places and stories to explore, now it's time for those who very first to see the sun rise in Indonesia every day.

based on a true story in far east of Indonesia, Munting, a district near the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the indigenes children not willing to continue their education to senior high school because of the nearest one is 155 miles away from their home in Merauke. Mr. Wambrau, Munting junior high school principal, sees the importance of education and along with his peers fight to have government build a senior high school on their district. The government official agree with a term, they must have at least 8 student to start building the senior high school, but what seems to be an easy term at the beginning turns out to be a difficult journey into the remote places of Munting to convince 8 indigenes children to continue their education.

Among the cast is Mathias Muchus (Rainbow Troops) and Nadine Chandrawinata (Ex Miss Indonesia). The movie that supposedly released earlier this month has been reschedule for undisclosed date yet, check out the trailer below.
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