Lima Film Festival 2014 Comes Of Age And Releases Its Full Lineup

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Lima Film Festival 2014 Comes Of Age And Releases Its Full Lineup
Another year, and another edition of the Lima Film Festival is upon us. Just in time for its milestone 18th birthday, the Fest has released their full slate of films, both in the Fiction and Documentary competitions and other sections.

Argentina, the biggest film industry in South America, has a couple of highlights. If you've been wondering where Viggo Mortensen has been hiding for the last few years, he can be found in Jauja, a drama from renowned director Lisandro Alonso (Los MuertosLiverpool). There's also the eagerly anticipated Wild Tales, Damián Szifron's dark humoured anthology film.

With more and more movies being made here, it's no surprise that Peru has four films in the Fiction Competition. Álvaro Velarde (Destiny Has No Favorites) returns to local screens with the quirky comedy The Thing You Love; meanwhile Héctor Gálvez (Paraíso) presents his sophomore outing, NN, a drama about forensic pathologists. The local slate is rounded out by Enrica Pérez' Climas and Fernando Villarán's Viejos Amigos. The rest of the competition is made up of movies from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, and El Salvador.

The other sections also have a host of interesting films. Around The World In 8 Days brings, among others, The Dance of Reality, maverick/madman Alejandro Jodorowsky's return to the director's chair after 20+ years; James Franco's adaptation of William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying; Jim Mickle's action thriller Cold In July; Diego Luna's Cesar Chavez, about the eponymous civil rights activist; and Hirokazu Koreeda's Like Father Like Son. Finally, a special Gala has been reserved for the most recent Palme D'Or winner at Cannes, Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Winter Sleep.

Last year, the guest of honor was Alexander Payne. This year, it's renowned French director Bruno Dumont, who will be honored with a retrospective of his work, including the premiere of his latest, the comedy miniseries P'tit Quinquin. Joining him as guests are Director of Photography Inti Briones and actor Chaske Spencer, best known for playing Wolfpack Leader Sam Uley in the Twilight series, here to present Alex and Andrew J. Smith's Winter In The Blood, as part of the American Independent Film section dedicated to Native American-themed movies. 

Other arrivals include Chilean actress Paulina García (Gloria) and Mexican director Amat Escalante (Heli), who'll be joined by local director Eduardo Mendoza (who won the Audience Award last year for El Evangelio de la Carne) in the Fiction Competition Jury. The Festival will also honor the late, great Peruvian actor Aristóteles Picho, who sadly passed away in 2013.

Now of legal age, with 300 movies spread out over different sections, the Festival will run from 8-16 August in Lima and other cities in Peru.

The films in competition are as follows:


Wild Tales (Damián Szifron), 
Natural Sciences (Matías Lucchesi)
Jauja (Lisandro Alonso)
Refugiado (Diego Lerman)

Wolf at the Door (Fernando Coimbra)
The Man of the Crowd (Marcelo Gomes, Cao Guimaraes)

The Quispe Girls (Sebastián Sepúlveda)
To Kill a Man (Alejandro Fernandez Almendras)

Tierra en la Lengua (Rubén Mendoza)
Gente de Bien (Franco Lolli)

Conducta (Ernesto Daranas)

Gueros (Alonso Ruiz Palacios)
The Well (Michael Rowe)

Viejos Amigos (Fernando Villarán)
NN (Héctor Gálvez)
The Thing You Love (Álvaro Velarde)
Climas (Enrica Pérez)

The Militant (Manolo Nieto)

Bad Hair (Mariana Rondón)


Maravilla, La Película (Juan Pablo Cadaveira)
El Color Que Cayó del Cielo (Sergio Wolf)
Icaros (Georgina Barreiro)

Repare Bem (Maria de Medeiros)

Marmato (Mark Grieco)

Mateo: Un Cuento Folclórico Cubano (Aaron I. Naar)

La Muerte de Jaime Roldós (Manolo Sarmiento, Lisandra I. Rivera)

El Salvador 
El Ingeniero (Juan Passarelli, Matthew Charles)

Eco de la Montaña (Nicolás Echevarría)
The Years of Fierro (Santiago Esteinou)

La Curiosa Vida de Piter Eustaquio Rengifo Uculmana (Gianfranco Annichini)
Tempestad en los Andes (Mikael Winstrom)

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