Our Facebook Quiz Will Shortly Have Its 300th Film Guessed!

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Our Facebook Quiz Will Shortly Have Its 300th Film Guessed!

UPDATE: The 300th film has been guessed! Competitor James Waters recognized Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai.

Way back when ScreenAnarchy had its own separate forum, the most-trafficked topic used to be the screenshot quiz. The rules were simple: someone would post a screenshot, and the person who guessed the movie won the right to post the NEXT screenshot. And this went on for seven years, until well over a thousand films had been guessed. Then times changed: the forum went dead as people moved discussions over to social media.

When, a while ago, our site upgraded and we at ScreenAnarchy became a bit more social-media-savvy, we decided to relaunch a new forum on our Facebook page. And what was the first topic we put on it? The screenshot quiz, of course!

And we decided to reboot it fresh, with slightly revised rules, and with a winners-list added for bragging purposes. No prizes, all still just for fun and glory.

This week, we're nearing a new milestone: the 300th film is about to be guessed. This means the quiz has a healthy rotation of films going (several each week), but we could, of course, always use a few more players.

Maybe you recognized one or more films in the picture above? All of the shots used there have been featured in the quiz, and all have been recently guessed.

So hop on over to the most recent page in our forum quiz (this sentence is a link), and see if you are the one to guess the 300th!
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Ard VijnJune 13, 2014 9:43 PM

Congrats to James Waters, for successfully recognizing the 300th film in our Facebook quiz!