Full Trailer For Brunei Fight Drama YASMINE Packs A Dramatic Punch

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Full Trailer For Brunei Fight Drama YASMINE Packs A Dramatic Punch
We have been following the production of Siti Kamaluddin's silat-infused drama Yasmine for quite some time now, and a full English-subbed trailer is now online, which gives us a far clearer sense of the film and its narrative.  

Only the second commercially produced film ever to emerge from Brunei, it follows the challenges faced by a teenage girl desperate to follow her passion and become a martial arts champion. Along the way she is faced by numerous adversaries and obstacles, not least her own family and inflexible gender inequalities in her society. 

Lead actress Liyana Lus reportedly took a year off school to train for her role, while director Kamaluddin employed Chan Man Ching - collaborator on many of Jackie Chan's best films - as action director, to ensure Yasmine's fight sequences deliver.

The results look to have a healthy dose of both human drama and hard-hitting action and provided the film gets the balance right, Yasmine looks to be well worth seeking out. It opens in Indonesia on 21 August.
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simhaJune 15, 2014 2:18 AM

it seems earnest but the b-grade fight scenes take away from it entirely.